The Tsunami Express
Wash Difference

Tsunami Express Car Wash is the best way to get a high-quality wash, shine, and protection for your vehicle.

Tsunami Express is proud to offer a wide selection of effective (and eco-friendly) products that won’t damage your car. We’re proud to say that we use NO harsh chemicals, NO petroleum-based detergents, and NO waxes that leave behind a greasy residue. Just pure quality protection from the inside out.

Our X3 Ceramic Protection product is the best option for your vehicle because it bonds at a molecular level, creating a durable shield that is resistant to dirt, bird droppings, contaminants and water. The three-step layering process provides superior hydrophobic water repellency and a longer-lasting shine.

Fusion Seal and
Prime Technology: ​

Ceramic, the Ultimate in Protection & Shine: ​
Three-step ceramic-infused process, bonding at the molecular level. Hydrophobic seal that protects the coat from dirt. Gives your car a remarkable shine!

Fusion Seal and Prime Technology: ​
Seal: Excellent flash foam and breaking allows for applications in a limited rinse space or near final rinse applications. Improves drying, and provides a vibrant colored foam for added customer appeal.​ Prime: Super concentrated low pH booster. Enhances cleaning in low pH pre-soaks and wheel cleaners. Also used for speed drying and water break.​

Carnauba Wax: ​
Carnauba-fortified premium foaming wax. Gives vehicle a showroom shine and extended water repellency. ​

Shine On!​

​ ​Tire Shine:
VOC-compliant premium solvent-based tire dressing. This high active silicone meets all current VOC requirements. Featuring long-lasting, high-gloss shine.​

Triple Foam:
Multicolored, high foaming, low pH lubricating detergent. Brightens chrome and glass. Helps neutralize alkalinity and accelerate drying.

Treat your car with kindness

We’re not just your average car wash: we’re the company that actually cares about your car.

Our Soft Touch wash is designed to be gentle on your vehicle yet thorough enough to leave it feeling squeaky clean and looking like new. It’s perfect for your prized possession—your car!

Speed. Convenience. Savings.

We know life can be busy, so we’ve made it our mission to make your car cleaning experience  as quick and convenient as possible.

With our high-tech system and state-of-the-art equipment, you’ll be out of here in no time!

Tsunami Express is proud to offer our super speedy washes in several convenient locations  across the Midwest.

The inside of your
vehicle matters too.

That’s why we offer complimentary vacuums at all of our locations!

More than just a CAR WASH

Tsunami Express’ car washes are more than just a wash; they’re an experience. Here, you’ll find fun technology, nicely scented products and a state-of-the-art environment that makes it easy to relax while we take care of your vehicle.

Giving back to the communities we serve is important to us. We proudly sponsor several local organizations throughout Indiana & Wisconsin.