As a customer using Tsunami Express, what am I responsible for?

Although our wash is very safe, we (Tsunami Express) are not responsible for:

    • All Car Antennas
    • Bug Shields
    • Luggage Racks
    • Loose Chrome
    • Wiper Blades
    • Side View Mirrors
    • Any Non-Factory Installed Items
    • Loose, Glued, or Clipped Items
    • Vehicles Over 10 Years Old
    • Ladders

Vehicles over 86 inches or with dual wheels cannot be washed here, and will be responsible for any damage to carwash property.

Do not use if vehicle has body damage, loose chrome, or non-standard accessories.

Open pickup beds must be cleared from all debris prior to washing.

Will automatic car washes scratch my car?

Tsunami Express Car Washes actually provide a safer alternative to car washing than most other options. We use soft-scrub brushes made out of a foam material that is softer than most cloths used at home to gently clean your car. We also use foam cleansers that provide for safer and easier dirt-lifting action and high-pressure water systems that remove most of the grime on their own, removing the need for a hard scrub.

Since you recycle your water, is my car really going to get a good clean?

Tsunami Express Car Wash recycles our water on-site using a reverse osmosis (RO) filtration system. RO is a process of treating water using a high-pressured pump to force water through a semipermeable membrane, which removes 95-99% of contaminants, leaving you with fresh water, much cleaner than most tap water. This provides for a spot-free finish without the need for hand-drying. This process is used around the world for many things, and can even turn salt water into desalinated, drinkable water! Not to mention, it is incredibly helpful for our environment. So yes, your car will get just as clean if not more so, and you can feel good about it as you are not wasting excess resources to achieve it.

Do I need to do anything to prepare my vehicle for a wash?

Yes, we recommend that if you have an antenna that can be detached easily, do so prior to the wash. Truck beds need to be empty. We are not responsible for any loose belongings in the back of a pickup truck blowing out or getting damaged. If a vehicle has a hitch, we ask that you remove it.