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Wisconsin drivers face just about every weather challenge possible, all of which take a toll on their cars. From spring storms to intense heat to winter sleet, it’s no wonder that full-size pickup trucks are just as popular here as sporty sedans. Since automatic car washes tend to be less expensive than hand washes, it makes sense (and cents) to go for the better options. If a sturdy, well-maintained vehicle helps you get around comfortably, a regular high-end wash should be part of that car care routine.

The higher-end options to choose from range from a double-wash service to get your car extra clean – to ones that add extra layers of protection that will extend the value of the vehicle.

Benefits of High-End Car Wash Services

Getting a professional car wash on a regular basis is vital for removing harmful dirt and road salt to improve visibility. They also protect the paint and finish on your car from elements that might lead to rust and corrosion. And thanks to innovations in modern car wash services, there are many options nowadays for targeting the specific needs of a vehicle:

  • More Cleansing Features. Tire and rim scrubbers, bumper blasters and undercarriage features have been designed to target all of your car’s needs.
  • Multiple Car Wash Stages. A high-end service will include pre-soaking and multiple washes, in addition to a clear coat protectant layer and foam polish application to give each vehicle that amazing shine and extra layer of protection.
  • Advanced Cleansing Products. Part of the luxury experience of a high-end wash is getting treated to more advanced cleaning and polishing products that are less harsh on automobiles, as well as the planet.
  • Wheel Treatments. Your tires and rims need attention, too. A lower-end service might not get into all those grooves and treads.
  • Mechanical Buffer. Newer mechanical features can clean and polish cars more thoroughly while removing streaks so that cars come out the other end with a uniformly beautiful shine.

High-End Options at Tsunami in Mount Pleasant: Double, Hot Wax, X3 and More

When you head to a service like Tsunami Car Wash in Mount Pleasant, one of the benefits is multiple options to choose from – making it easier to match the right one to your needs. Several different automated, high-quality services will give your car the VIP treatment, starting with a hot wax treatment to give it a temporary layer of protection from environmental threats like tree sap, bird droppings and road salt. Without a regular wax treatment, these elements can leave small marks on the finish, leaving it dull and aged over time.

Wisconsin’s natural surroundings are rich with trees and foliage, but the birds and the bees are not always kind to vehicles. Thoroughly clean and clear windows are necessary to have maximum visibility. If your car is starting to get that dusty, dirty look it can pose an extra hazard on the road. A Double Wash will get rid of more grime than the most basic services. Your car will be taken through the wash twice, including a tire and rim scrubber and an intense “blasting” of those hard-to-clean windows, bumpers and rims. One of the best things about these intensive washes is that they include a triple foam polish and clear coat protectant to shield the paint and finished surface from the elements.

Get the VIP Luxury Treatment for Any Vehicle

Many Wisconsinites do a lot of driving, and all those hours on I-94 expose their vehicles to pollutants and extreme conditions. These drivers can opt for an X3 wash that is still fast but provides another layer of protection. An X3 wash is designed to resist UV rays, intense heat and environmental contaminants – in other words, everything that Wisconsin drivers face when they hit the road. This level of service includes polish for that extra shine, a hot wax treatment, and an additional polymer solution that bonds to the surface of the vehicle.

Swing by our Tsunami Car Wash in Mount Pleasant for a fast, affordable high-end car wash. We specialize in a variety of express packages to suit each vehicle’s individual needs. Take advantage of our free vacuums and carpet floor mat cleaners, self-serve pet wash station, V.I.P. Club memberships, corporate accounts and more!

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