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Summers in and around Mount Pleasant, Wisconsin, are chock-full of opportunities to camp, hike or just hang out at the beach. Located about 30 miles south of Milwaukee and 60 miles north of Chicago, it’s the perfect place to retreat and relax for any reason. Just remember that all that grit from the road (as well as the trees overhead) can eventually make its way into your car – not just between the seats, but also into your undercarriage and engine.

That’s why regular car washes are so important this time of year! The area’s leading car wash serving Racine County and surrounding areas, Tsunami’s automated car wash services have been fine-tuned to target specific areas of your car with water blasters that are hard to reach by hand. Here’s what else you need to know to keep your car as clean as healthy as possible throughout the summer months.

Treat Your Vehicle to Warm-Weather Maintenance

Your auto care package should be geared toward protecting your vehicle from excessive heat in the coming months. That might include an oil change, wheel rotations, and other services to keep your vehicle running like new. Responsible drivers will want to take their vehicles in for a basic maintenance check to keep their cars in good condition. Make sure to reach out to your auto repair shop if you notice any signs of trouble.

Other areas to check to avoid potential problems in warmer months include:

  • Oil level
  • Thermostat
  • Coolant system
  • Water pump
  • Radiator
  • Belt and hose

Beach-Proof Your Car Before You Leave Home

It’s not summer if you haven’t been to the beach. Just don’t let your car be a reminder of the beach every time you use it. Following these simple steps will minimize the intrusion of sand into your vehicle:

  1. Cover your car seats. Drape a beach blanket or sheet over the seats so they cover as much surface area as possible.
  2. Bring portable chairs. Sitting in a chair instead of lying on a towel not only keeps away the sand, but it may also be more comfortable.
  3. Shake out towels, shoes and clothing. Shake out as much sand as possible from towels and beach blankets before leaving.
  4. Rinse off beach toys. Look for a public faucet when you arrive; then rinse off items before heading back to the car.
  5. Brush off yourself. Try to remove any remaining sand from your feet, legs and elsewhere.

Avoid Heat and Sun Damage to Your Vehicle’s Exterior and Interior

Both your car’s interior and exterior can take a beating from the sun’s dangerous rays. Seats can begin to crack, and the paint job will eventually fade and lower the resale value of your vehicle when it’s time to sell. Fortunately, Wisconsin has plenty of trees to provide shade for parking. Aim for those spots that will maintain more shade as the sun moves throughout the afternoon. Using a windshield sun protector and seat covers can also help keep your seats from cracking in the summer heat.

Clean Your Car at Wisconsin’s Premium Car Wash in Mount Pleasant

The sand and heat can take a toll on a car over time. Fortunately for area drivers, the Tsunami Car Wash’s Mount Pleasant location offers five different cleaning options, depending on your needs. We focus on providing the highest quality treatment for every vehicle that passes through. So, this summer, take a few extra precautions along with the sunblock and snacks and keep out some of that unwanted debris.

Next time you’re headed back from the beach, swing by Tsunami in Mount Pleasant to:

  • Choose from several high-end wash options.
  • Upgrade to a Hot Wax or UX Ultimate Ceramic Shield treatment.
  • Take advantage of our free vacuums and carpet floor mat cleaners.
  • Be in and out in minutes.

Tsunami Express Car Wash in Mount Pleasant, WI, specializes in a variety of express car wash packages for different needs. This location offers free vacuums and carpet floor mat cleaners, a self-serve pet wash station, V.I.P. Club memberships, and more. Next time you’re here, ask about our V.I.P. Club memberships and corporate accounts.

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