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Unlimited washes + unlimited vehicles =
the ultimate car wash experience.

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Fleet Membership 5-9 Vehicles
$10 off packages
Fleet Discount 10-49 Vehicles
~34% savings
Fleet Membership Max Discount 50+ Vehicles
~40% savings

Who is the fleet program for?

Are you a large family or a valet service with multiple vehicles? Do you have a group of business colleagues who need to keep their cars in tip-top shape?


No matter your situation, we’ve got a solution for you: the Tsunami Express Car Wash Fleet program.


The Fleet program is for groups of 5+ vehicles, making it perfect for a variety of organizations and businesses.


Our Fleet program will allow your organization to save money on car wash services by offering our affordable services to your entire fleet at once.


Each vehicle must be equipped with an RFID sticker—which can be applied at your local Tsunami Express location—to participate in the program. Once you’re enrolled in the fleet program, Tsunami Express will send a monthly bill detailing how many cars were washed during each visit, when they were washed, and how much you owe for each wash.